Screening is strictly enforced and no allowances will be made. The process is put in place for my safety and yours. I respect your privacy and promise to be discrete during this process. I will happily sign an NDA’s if needed. 



Donations and gifts are for time only. There will be no negotiating in regards to donations. Cash only.



Deposits are a way to make sure both parties are respectful of each-others time. My reputation is worth more to me than any deposited amount and I would never do anything to tarnish it. 

  • 25% nonrefundable deposit for all bookings. The deposit can be used for rescheduling.

  • Travel - 25% deposit + travel expenses must be sent for our time to be secured.



Investments should be set out at the beginning of our time. If we are in public, please place it in a gift bag or book. You to me - Set investment somewhere visible to me at the beginning of our time, please do not make mention of it.

  • Me to you - Place investment in the restroom before I arrive. I usually become enthralled in conversation and will forget to check, if that happens, ask if I need to freshen up or say “There's always money in the banana stand.”

  • Public - The investment should be in a sealed envelope inside of a gift bag.



  • Sleep - I need 7 hours of sleep to be my very best for you but will settle for 6.

  • Deposit -25% of investment + travel expenses must be sent for our time to be secured.

  • Reenergize - I need at least 1.5 hours a day to myself. This time is used for me to reenergize and prepare for our new adventures.



1.5 hour minimum | + $500 for couples

A few topics to break the ice

How I ended up stranded in Sriracha, Thailand

Are we alone in the universe?​

My favorite soundtrack​s

Reclining nudes​

How I got started in the industry

(Thank God for Forbes)

Places I'd like to explore

Alittle more

Music: From The Schindlers List soundtrack to Chet Baker to JID, I listen to a bit of everything.​

Film and TV: There Will Be Blood, Hot Fuzz, Bleak House, Truth Seekers, Dark Knight, House of Flying Daggers, Poirot, District 9, Orphan Black.

Novels: The Giver, Anna Karenina, The Firm, All The Gallant Men.