You'll know me by my caramel spun skin, sultry almond eyes, and soft pear shaped curves pouring into legs that go on for days... and days.


I'm more than just a sensual being, though I'm absolutely that to my core. I'm playful, quick-witted, and soft to the touch. I live for wild laughter and the thrill of new experiences. Armed with a multi-cultural background and an insatiable curiosity, I often find myself straddling the line between decadent indulgence and care-free exuberance.


After escaping the monotony of finance, I found solace in the warmth and intimacy of companionship. A firm believer that meaningful connections are built through time spent with one another, my time is geared towards clock-free days and drawn out dinners.

Our time together will be exactly that: Ours. We can seek out new adventures, muse over galleries, plan intricate art heists, or lay tangled up, sharing in deep thoughts and hearty laughs, over a bottle or two of something delicious. Your experience with me will be nothing less than authentic, warm, and bespoke.

I’m so glad you’re here – and I can’t wait to see where we'll go



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Late 20s

Body reminiscent of a reclining nude

Rubik's Cube connoisseur 

Sucker for conservas served with fresh baked bread

Five Feet Ten Inches

An ass that jiggles with excitement

Mahjong lover

Lover of vintage ports and crisp bubbles
Thirst quenching bush



Fresh Peonies | Carousel Rides

The feel of cashmere | Tasting Menus

Dior | Wood-burning fireplaces

The smell of the ocean | Sonnet 130

Non-depreciating assets | Live performances 


Music: From The Schindlers List soundtrack to John Denver to JID, I listen to a bit of everything.


Film/TV: Firefly, There Will Be Blood, Hot Fuzz, The Expanse, Bleak House, West Wing, Dark Knight, House of Flying Daggers, Poirot, District 9, Orphan Black, anything Wes Anderson.

Books: The Giver, Anna Karenina, The Firm, All The Gallant Men, Taschen books.

Artists: Harmonia Rosales, Atanda Quadri Adebayo, Yusuff Aina, Amedeo Modigliani, Egon Schiele, Mvrjoni, Kelechi Nwaneri, Kerry James Marshall, Vanessa Hogge, Toyin Ojih Odutola.