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...what you should know about me

I am vibrant, brilliant, and passionate.

I believe in early morning sunrises wrapped in blankets and late-night sunsets wrapped a lover’s arms.

I can be found filling my mouth with Fresh Oysters by the handful. 

I live my life unapologetically and sensually – a wild mare looking for the right touch to ground her.

I am full of intimate secrets, experiences, and fantasies - and I may tell you a few of them over a glass or two of Vintage Port.

I am the embodiment of Elizabeth Bennet: feisty and quick-witted, someone craving life and all of her experiences.


I live for wild laughter and the thrill of sweet teasing.

I embrace all types of intelligence – logical (I was an accountant), creative (I am a photographer and screenwriter), physical (I was a dancer), and sensual (I hope you get to find out).

...what you should know about our time

Together, we will depart on a euphoric journey, one where your curiosities can run free and be thoroughly explored. 

Our time is precious, and not a moment will be wasted, connecting on an intimate level that most only read about in novels. We will spend our time repeatedly indulging each other. We will talk softly, laugh loudly, and caress sweetly.


We will cherish the moment we are in, alongside each other, our fingers intertwined and our eyes intensely and passionately locked.


We will create beautiful moments and lasting memories, and when the day is done, we will smile knowing we lived our lives to the fullest.


A Sunny Escape

LA - 2020

Cowgirl Dreams - Concept

Michigan - 2018

First Photoshoot

LA - 2018

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Heading 2

Heading 2

Heading 2

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