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Dunton Hot Springs (here)

We could both use a little relaxation so let's escape to the wilderness. Submerging ourselves in one of their 6 unique hot springs (with wine of course), fishing in private waters and walking serene forested trails is the type of intimate escape I would love to share with you.


Amangiri Resort (here)

I was a little surprised to find this gem. A resort built into the beautiful desert landscape. Together, we will explore the serene desert terrain on horseback, paint the gorgeous mountain scape and 

immerse ourselves in Navajo culture as we tour slot canyons. Let's relax and indulge in one another.


Murder, anyone? (here)

Nothing says romance like a luxurious mystery fueled weekend in Vermont. Together we'll channel our inner Hercule Poirot and look for clues to solve a murder. Don't worry, there'll still be time for us to cuddle up and enjoy each other. 

paws up 2.jpg

The Dude Ranch experience (here)

Resort @ Paws Up Montana

Fly Fishing, Archery, Horse back riding and Cattle driving. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend than glamping in the great outdoors and filling our belly's with delicious locally sourced cuisine.



Everyone has that one place they'd love to visit, mine is Amsterdam.​ Touring Rijks and the Jewish Historical Museum are a must! As much as I love art, the one thing I can't wait to do is eat delicious fresh Stroopwaffles, piping hot Bitterballen, fluffy Poffertjes... the list goes on. 


Yachting in the port, strolling through the Keukenhoff garden, watching Michaela DePrince leap through the air in the Royal Opera Ballet, or hot air ballooning over the countryside are just a few of the adventures that await us.​




Some will say it's not a real sport but their obviously uncultured swine. The energy I feel as they dive and leap towards the ball makes me want to burst! The anticipation of seeing a victor is like a drug. I've wanted to attend a match for years and I can't think of a better way to do so than with a partner in crime.

venice simplon.jpg

Venice - Simplon Orient Express (here)

This takes me back to my days of reading Agatha Christie mysteries. A suite in the opulent Orient Express from London to Paris or Paris to Venice is just what the doctor ordered. All of the beauty and intrigue, none of the murder.

ashford 2.jpg

Ashford Castle (here)


Built 800 years ago, Ashford Castle stands as beautiful as ever. After watching seasons and seasons of Downton abbey, living like nobility has been something I've wanted to experience. Horse back riding, clay shooting, strolling through elegant gardens and resting our eyes in an opulent suite fit for a duke and duchess. There are endless things for us to do, let's spend the weekend enjoying each other and our beautiful surroundings.


The Presidential Train (here)


A dream experience like no other. A 3 day train ride filled with meals prepared by Michelin star chefs, wine tastings in the Portugal country side, rejuvenating spas, live music and more. This is truly a one of a kind trip for the person who's open to new experiences and enjoys the finer things in life. Trust me... we deserve this :p


The South of France

Yachting in Saint Tropez. Laying our heads at Columbe d'Or where Picasso and Matisse wandered the halls and traded their art for a nights stay. A french picnic in the Lavender fields of Provence; Charcuterie, Comté, fig compote, Madelines and Jurançon wine... I'm salivating just thinking about exploring the South of France with you.

ho chi minh city.jpg

Ho Chi Minh City

While slurping noodles at a tiny street stall in Thailand, I spotted a poster with a photo of the gorgeous Ho Chi Minh City skyline and knew I had to visit. We'll live like royals at the Reverie Saigon, a hotel full of ornate grandeur with a luxe spa to match. Fine dine at Jarden Des Sens and eat like locals on an XO street food tour. Take in the sprawling skyline on a night cruise down the Saigon river and enjoy the vast ocean views from the Vung Táo beach.


Air Balloon Ride​​

An Air Balloon across the sky would be breathtaking. I don’t have a specific state or country in mind, surprise me! (I would love a bit of history to be involved).

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