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...what you should know about me

I am vibrant, brilliant, and passionate - silly, playful, and frisky. I know those are a lot of adjectives but hey! If you got em, flaunt em.

I find the best way to greet someone is with a big smile and a warm hug. I love making people feel like we're old friends, so a warm welcome is always guaranteed.

I like my oysters spicy and fruity, with a splash of lemon and a dash of horseradish. Nothing gives me pleasure like enjoying delicious food, especially when paired with great company and exciting conversation!


I am full of secrets, experiences, and fantasies - and I may tell you a few over a glass or two of Vintage Port.

I am the embodiment of Elizabeth Bennet: feisty and quick-witted, someone craving life and all of her experiences.

I live for wild laughter, irreplaceable memories, and the thrill of sweet teasing. Make me laugh and I’ll be yours forever.

I embrace all types of intelligence – logical (I was an Accountant), creative (I am a Photographer and Screenwriter), physical (I was a Dancer), and sensual (I hope you get to find out).

...what you should know about our time

Our time is precious, and not a moment will be wasted, connecting on levels that most only read about in novels. I am a woman of limited time and a seeker of many experiences, and my attention is more likely to be caught by a man with a worldly mindset, a hearty laugh, and a desire to connect on a deeper level. We will spend our time repeatedly indulging each other - sharing in deep conversations, soft touches, hearty laughs, and wild adventures. 


A Sunny Escape

LA - 2020

Cowgirl Dreams - Concept

Michigan - 2018

First Photoshoot

LA - 2018

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Heading 2

Heading 2

Heading 2

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