Lying around while the whirl of the world buzzes around me has never been my style. I’m a busy bee, a seeker of adventure, and a woman thrilled by people who share my lust for life. 

Beyond the walls of this world, I am a screenwriter and budding entrepreneur. As someone who wanted to major in photo journalism but went to business school because it was the "smart" choice, I grew tired of making the "smart" choices and knew I needed to make the right ones. Now, a defunct accountant, I fill my days clacking away at screenplays and business plans instead of pivot tables. The joy of having the freedom to express myself again has made me immensely happy.

The life I've created for myself has made it possible for me to pick up and go. When I'm off exploring, you'll find me eating Mitarashi Dango at a window stall in Tokyo. Discovering salty fresh Oysters and Jazz in New Orleans. Slurping noodles at a broken table in the streets of Bangkok. Driving a tractor through the fields of Fargo. Getting lost for hours during a torrential downpour in Sriracha, Thailand.


When I'm home, you'll find me tapping my toes to live music while wetting my lips on the rim of a cocktail. You might also find me indoor climbing, trying to purchase every 2016 bottle of vintage port, dipping in and out of theaters/museums, horseback riding, or teaching myself how to trade stocks. If I'm not doing any of those, you can bet your net worth I'm exploring dimly lit restaurants, trying to experience all of the delicious food Chicago has to offer.

No matter where you find me or what I’m doing, you'll take notice. Skin spun from caramel, cascading dark tresses, mischievous almond eyes, and legs that go on for days.


My love for new encounters brought me into this world, and the potential for personal connection and new experiences has kept me here. All that to say, I love being a companion. I love creating new memories, whether that's trying out a new cocktail lounge, attempting to catch a fly ball, devouring a new anime, or I'm beating you at a board game. I'm a partner in crime you bask in the glow of at dinner, the sensually playful woman you love waking up to, and a genuine force of nature to grow lasting memories with.


The men who best suit me are those who not only celebrate a woman's unwavering confidence and sass, but delight in her multifaceted nature. A man who is turned on by a woman quick with a witty retort who doesn’t take herself too seriously. 


We all come to a point in our lives where we feel like something is missing. Maybe for you it is a Captain Nemo-like curiosity and you'd like to discover something new and exciting. No matter the reason, I offer you an open connection; Free of judgment and full of continuous stimulation. Once we find each other, we'll spend our time deep in conversation, exchanging soft touches and hearty laughs, all while mapping out our next adventure. Together, we will depart on a euphoric journey, one where your curiosities can run free and be thoroughly explored. Once we find each other, we'll spend our time deep in conversation, exchanging soft touches and hearty laughs, all while mapping out our next adventure.


If you are a genuine man with curiosities running wild, I want to be the one who stokes your fire.

No matter where you find me or what I’m doing, you'll take notice. Skin spun from caramel, a crown of voluminous dark curls, mischievous almond eyes, and legs that go on for days.



The Sumptuous Screenwriter


As I mentioned above, my life is filled with quite a bit of movement. This year has shown me I need more balance. I love companionship because it gives me a chance to escape the noise and connect with others, so I want to make sure my energy is focused on a select few a month. 

Beginning 6/15/2020 I will be available for 4 - 5 bookings a month. Below, you'll see options to buyout my month of bookings. If you want to see me, please plan accordingly.


Meet Cute                                  1      650

Wine & Snuggles                       1.5    1000

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner      3      1500

Buyout my month                               Inquire    7000

Out & About                              5     2200

Buyout my month                               Inquire    9000

Slumber Party                            14    3000

Buyout my month                               Inquire    12000



Port Wine Tasting


Movie Night

As a screenwriter, I am pretty addicted to shows and film; so I thought, why not get you addicted too! If you like watching TV with a beautiful women's legs strewn across your lap, this might be the package for you.


Takeout and Movies or Binging       -  5 Hours   $1800

Social                                                  - 4 Hours   $1200

Jazz & Cocktails

Tapping our toes while sipping on the rim of a cocktail sounds like a wonderful to spend the evening together


The Green Mill or Andy's Jazz Club  -  3 Hours   $1300

Social                                                   -  2 Hours   $800

Museum Exploration

I'm counting down the days for when The Art Institute announces its opening date. I can't wait to see one of my favorite paintings, The Old Guitarist by Picasso. Let's get lost in the museum and in eachothers eyes... cheesy, I know.


Afternoon Tea or Nosh & Museum  -  4.5 hours    $1600

Social                                                  -  3 Hours     $1200





Height:     5'9

Age:          27

Eyes:         Brown

Hair:         Black

Care:         Natural

Body:         32DD - 26 - 37

Tattoos:     Two small ones
Ethnicity:  Black & Puerto Rican

A few favorite things

Incredible meals


Sparkling Water

Spa Days


A steaming cup of Tea




Live Music

Murder Mysteries

Carousel Rides

Non-depreciating assets

A glass of sweet bubbles

Wood-burning fireplaces

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Date Ideas

Theater: A few shows I've wanted to catch: To Kill a Mocking Bird, Fiddler on The Roof, Come From Away. Hamilton​.

Ballet: As an ex-dancer, I love and appreciate seeing bodies in movement. An evening of Dinner + The Joffrey Ballet sounds fantastic.

Live Music: An afternoon of Jazz + cocktails at the MCA Garden or The Green Mill or an evening enjoying Dinner + Chicago Symphony Orchestra are wonderful ways to connect with each other. I've only ever been to one concert (surprising, I know). I'd love to bring you into my musical world and attend a concert or two with you.

Classes: A few classes I know we'd have fun trying: Pâtissier​ (French or Japanese), Glass blowing, Wine or Cocktail making, Pottery, Painting.

Outdoorsy: Although concrete runs through my veins, I do enjoy leaving the city and exploring the outdoors. Activities like Horseback Riding, Boating, Dune Buggy Rides, ATVing, and Fishing are a few of my favorite ways to enjoy nature.

Pamper: Spa Days are an essential part of my life. Whether it's a massage + soak at Aire Aincient Baths or a body scrub at LondonHouse Spa, I always look forward to being pampered. I've noticed these days are much more fun with alittle company.

More activities: 


Movie Night

Cannes Film Festival

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Tea Tasting

Gun Range​

Indoor Climbing

Car Racing 

Tennis Tournament

Kentucky Derby or Royal Ascot

Watch the Cherry Blossoms Bloom

Monaco Grand Prix

Foodie Guide



Kai Zan

Longman & Eagle

Fat Rice




Tocqueville Restaurant

Omasake Room by Tatsu

Eleven Park Madison

Brooklyn Fare

Per Se




Bad Saint

Philly Wing Fry



Pineapple and Pearls

The Inn at Little Washington​

San Francisco: 




Smitten Ice Cream



Keiko à Nob Hill


O Ya Boston

Fond Philly

Naoe Miami

Aria ATL

Bacchanalia ATL

Vespertine LA

n/naka LA.


Aulis HK

Bo. lan Bangkok

Darjeeling Express London

Afternoon Tea @ Sketch London

Afternoon Tea @ The Lanesborough London

Core by Clare Smyth London

The Fat Duck Bray, UK

The Waterside Inn Bray, UK

Disfrutar Barcelona

Azurmendi Bilbao

Sukiyabashi Jiro Tokyo



(I have an alternate email if you'd like to be more discrete)


Top S | Skirt S | Pants US4/6

Dresses M/US6 | Panties S/M | Bra 32DD

Shoes 11

The Giver

Investment Property  


Original Painting from Harmonia Rosales

Macbook Air 

Art Institute of Chicago Membership

Bronze Sustaining or higher

Lady Dior  Dior

Birkin 25  Hermes

Gifts & Giftcards

Keep Me Pretty

    Revolve (here)

    Nordstroms (here)

    Angela Roi (here)

    Amazon (here)

​Keep Me Pampered  

    Aire Ancient Baths Chicago (here)

    Wine Bath Experience or Olive Oil Essence Ritual​

Keep My Glass Full

    2017 Tartan Napa Valley Red


    Tawny Port 20yr

    Vintage Port 1963, 1966, 1977, 2000, 2011, 2016, 2017

    Pinot Grigio



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