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Hey There Mr.

As a woman of Black and Puerto Rican descent, I can say with great certainty, I was born with a little extra spice. I'm bold yet gentle, fiery yet caring, and I take pride in knowing I'm a puzzle very few get an opportunity to solve. Standing five feet nine inches, I’ve been described as statuesque on more than a few occasions. With skin spun from caramel, a crown of black voluminous curls, and an ass that jiggles with excitement, I am something to be reveled in.



From photographer to business school to working in tech finance, the life I live is never without excitement. 



Forever the epicurean, I've grown accustomed to a life of equal parts decadent indulgence and care-free exuberance. In essence, I'm just a woman seeking life in all it's beauty. I like my oysters spicy and fruity with a splash of lemon and a dab of horseradish. I love days spent strolling naked through bathhouses and nights spent tapping my toes to jazz while sipping on the rim of a cocktail. My love of film has turned me into a sumptuous screenwriter, creating new worlds and interesting characters is my passion. I live to tease, drawing a man close to the edge, then pulling him back repeatedly brings me great joy. 



Seeing as you're here, I can tell we have a few things in common...



Not only are we romantics craving that sensual moment where we're wrapped up in each other, savoring every second. But we're people willing to dip our toes into something a bit more hush hush to get it.


With passions intense and desires carnal, I seek an accomplice to share in them with. As the Ricky to my Lucy, or if you're more adventurous...  the Clyde to my Bonnie, we will repeatedly indulge in one another;  exploring our curiosities on a more intimate level. Cultivating those lingering moments unique to just us is something I especially enjoy.I adore being adored. Playing footsy under dining tables followed by an evening of deep thoughts, heart laughs, and passionate ravishing


The Physical

Height: 5'9

Age: 27

Dress: 4

Shoe: 11

Care: Bush

Tattoos: A few

Dinner or Dessert: Always both



Drink: Malbec, Evolucio Furmint, Lambrusco, 20yr Tawny Port, Vintage Port, Veuve. 

Blooms: Coral Charm Peonies or a Jewel toned bouquet


Hobbies: Horseback riding, Pottery, 

Listen: The Schindler's List, The Painted Veil, Chet Baker, Sam Cook, Still Woozy, John Denver, Etta James, JPEGMAFIA, The Carnival of Animals - Saint-Saëns, Smino.

Watch: There will be Blood, Firefly, One Punch Man, Grand Budapest Hotel, Poirot, The Lobster, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Hot Fuzz, Hell on Wheels, 7 Brides for Seven Brothers, Dunkirk, Rick & Morty, Parasite, Princess Mononoke, Big Night.

Things that make me happy

Sparkling water \\ Blackjack

Creamy Vanilla Latte's \\ French chocolates

Christmas \\ Wood-burning fireplaces

A steaming cup of tea \\ Primates

The feel of cashmere \\ The smell of the ocean

Carousel rides \\ Non-depreciating assets

A glass of sweet bubbles \\ Film Photography

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