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More Me

Hobbies: Horseback riding, Photography (B&W 35mm), Traveling (ask about the time I got lost in a Thailand during a torrential downpour), Eating.

Blooms: Coral Charm Peonies and Jewel tone bouquets

Drinks: 2017 Tartan Napa Valley Red, 2013 Caymus, 2017 Evolucio Furmint, 2012 Veuve, 10 or 20yr Tawny Port, any Malbec.

TV: Firefly, Poirot, One Punch Man, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Hell on Wheels, The Sinner, Rick & Morty.

Film: There will be Blood, Grand Budapest Hotel, The Lobster, Hot Fuzz, 7 Brides for Seven Brothers, Dunkirk, Parasite, Princess Mononoke, Big Night.

Music: Schindler's List, The Painted Veil, Chet Baker, Sam Cook, Still Woozy, Labrinth, John Denver, Smino, Etta James, JPEGMAFIA, Saint-Saëns.

An infatuated man once told me I was both the angel and devil sitting on his shoulders... and I couldn’t agree more. 



As a woman of Black and Puerto Rican descent, I can say with great certainty I was born with alittle extra spice. My mischievous nature combined with a sharp-elbowed wit creates an atmosphere ripe for passionate exploration.

I am a confident woman. Full stop. 

I am a lover of days spent strolling naked through bathhouses and nights spent tapping my toes to jazz while sipping on the rim of a cocktail. I am bold yet gentle, fiery yet caring, and I take pride in knowing I'm a puzzle few get an opportunity to solve.


Forever the epicurean, I've grown accustomed to a life of equal parts decadent indulgence and care-free exuberance. I've come to realize the only thing more attractive than an assertive man, is a man with a good sense of humor - make me laugh and I will swoon into your arms. Although I stumbled into this world by accident, the opportunity for intense personal connection and passionate exploration have kept me here. 

Tearing into each other after an evening out is something that brings me immense pleasure. There's no better foreplay than time filled with loud laughter, deep conversation, and tipsy champagne kisses.


Seeing as you’re here, I can tell we have a few things in common. Not only are we romantics craving those sensual lingering moments where we're wrapped up in each other, savoring every second - but we're people willing to dip our toes into something a bit more hush hush to get it.


 Let's shut out the noise and delve deeper into this electrifying bond that binds us.

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