The Muse

As a woman of Black and Puerto Rican descent, I can say with great certainty, I was born with a little extra spice. I'm bold yet gentle, fiery yet caring, and I take great pride in knowing I'm someone people feel like they've known forever, even if just for a moment. 

Standing five feet nine inches, I’ve been described as statuesque on more than a few occasions. With skin spun from caramel, a crown of black voluminous curls, and an ass that jiggles with excitement, I am something to be reveled in.


Putting my personality to words has always been a bit of a challenge, as I'm not one who can be summed up in a paragraph, let alone a sentence. Let's just say, In another life, I'd be the mysterious woman you see sitting at the window of a coffee shop each morning. Little do you know, while you sit trying to imagine what's underneath my sundress, I sit meticulously planning my next art heist. For me, the rush of knowing I'm partaking in something thrilling and illicit would be more exciting than my bountiful treasures!

black dress - blur.jpg
black dress - blur.jpg

...and what interests her

With interest varied and tastes eclectic, I'm proud to say I've experienced much that life has to offer and I'm no where near done. I love the sweet smell of fresh peonies, crawling across the floor of caves in northern Thailand, tapping my toes to jazz while sipping on cocktails, and strolling through bath houses naked as I wait for my deep tissue massage.


Believe me when I say, I'm someone who can't be put into a box. I’m a lady when need be and a devilish minx the rest of the time, I take pleasure in watching Palme d'Or winners as much as watching Sci-Fi films, and I'm as comfortable slurping noodles at broken tables in Bangkok as I am counting stars while Michelin dining. 

The Confidant

Seeing as you're here, I can tell we have a few things in common. Not only are we intrigued by the thought of dipping our toes into something a bit more illicit but we're people craving those sensual lingering moments; ones where we're wrapped up in each other, savoring every second. 


One of my favorite ways to get to know a special someone is by playing footsy under jazz club tables then heading back to mine for a night of wild lighter, deep conversation, and ravishing. I'm full of intimate thoughts and secrets... and if you're lucky, I may tell you a few over a bottle or two of something delicious.


As a lover of quick-witted banter, a seeker of tipsy champagne kisses, and a woman craving all the beautiful things life has to offer, I seek a romantic to share in my passions with. Someone who doesn't mind my picking their brain and isn't afraid to explore mine. A man of class who 


We all come to a point in our lives where we feel like something is missing, or maybe for you, the call of that illicit curiosity you've been ignoring is getting loud enough where you can no longer ignore it. No matter the reason, I offer you an open connection, one free of judgment and full of continuous stimulation.

black dress - blur.jpg


The Physical

Height: 5'9

Age: Late 20s

Weight: 132

Dress: 4

Shoe: 11

Eyes: Brown & Mischievous

Care: Bush

Tattoos: A few

Dinner or Dessert: Always both

Location: Chicago \\ DC \\ NYC

Passion: Screenwriting 

Things that make me happy

Sparkling water \\ Blackjack

Creamy Vanilla Latte's \\ French chocolates

Christmas \\ Wood-burning fireplaces

A steaming cup of tea \\ Primates

The feel of cashmere \\ The smell of the ocean

Carousel rides \\ Non-depreciating assets

A glass of sweet bubbles \\ Film Photography


...An enigmatic soul to make your heart go aflutter